Another death in the medical drama?

Fans of Gray’s Anatomy are very concerned about the fate of one of the original characters in the series. That's because, during the showing of an episode of the series this week in the United States, one of the beloved characters in the series was about to die.

After saying goodbye to Alex Karev, will we say goodbye to someone else in the series? Recalling that, of the original cast, only Ellen Pompeo (Meredith), Chandra Wilson (Bailey) and James Pickens Jr. (Weber) remain.

Before we go on with the story, we need to remember that we will give SPOILERS of the episode “Love of My Life”, that of number 19 of the sixteenth season. Therefore, go at your own risk.

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Character tragedy?

During the episode, the characters met at a conference where Dr. Richard Webber performed. Before the performance, however, he came across Catherine who appeared to apologize to him. Only, later, Catherine turned out to be a hallucination that Richard was having. When he got on stage, Richard began to speak various bullshit that were captured by the live broadcast and seen by Catherine for real.

Richard then ended up having a stroke and was taken on a stretcher after Maggie called for help. He seemed disoriented and looking for answers, which his daughter was unable to give.

Thus, Dr. Webber may be between life and death. Previously, he had been experiencing symptoms such as hand tremors and anger attacks. More recently, he got into a big fight with Catherine Fox, and since then, they have been clashing episode after episode.

Fans are worried

The fans were obviously concerned with the direction given to the eternal Chief. Many think he may die on the show after this plot. Actor James Pickens Jr. had previously expressed that he was finding the plot of his character underutilized in the series. After Alex Karev, will the writers dismiss another great veteran of the series?

The character has been present in the series since the first episode and, because of that, many would like him to have a dignified outcome - and not to die. “Richard deserves to age well and healthy. Fans deserve it“, Said a user of Twitter. It is worth remembering that, recently, the outcome given to Karev has been severely criticized by fans, being called “incoherent” by many. In the series, Alex left his wife Jo to return to be with Dr. Izzie Stevens.

Another fact is also worrying fans: there are only two more episodes of the season recorded, due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Thus, the plot of the sixteenth season will not have an “end”. With that, fans should find out about Richard's fate only in the seventeenth season.

So let's not take curiosity!

And so, what do you think of the plot of Gray’s Anatomy? Leave it in the comments. Also, follow the Gray’s Anatomy TAG here in the Series Mix and get to know all the news of the series first hand.


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