During the dawn of this Friday (27), just after the leader test, the participants of “Big Brother Brasil 20” began to talk about the future of the game, especially about their votes next Sunday (30). On the occasion, Ivy Moraes and Gizelly Bicalho talked about their achievements during the reality show and about some of their confinement companions.

When the conversation took place, the two were in the fourth leader. The duo was the winner of the dynamic, and Ivy gave up leadership so that Gizelly could reign during that week.

The model received a prize of R $ 10,000 for doing this.

When talking about votes with Gizelly, Ivy pointed out that if feels uncomfortable voting for Babu Santana after learning about the actor's entire life story. However, he remains the person with whom she has least contact within the confinement. That way, it would be inconsistent for her not to vote for him and end up voting for one of her friends instead of Babu.

Still talking about it, Ivy stressed that she feels fondness for the life story of Babu Santana and highlighted that she knows that the decision to keep someone on the program or not is up to the public, so that she feels leaving the decision of whether to keep the actor in confinement or not.

Also during this conversation, the model asked Gizelly if Babu had won any awards within the “BBB20” and the lawyer stated that he won a motorcycle in the first few weeks, when he won an angel test.

Prior and Babu seek ways to escape the sea wall

Also during the early hours of this Friday, Felipe Prior and Babu Santana talked about their voting possibilities and how they could escape this week's wall - or at least not need to dispute permanence with each other.

On the occasion, Babu said that if Gizelly appoints Prior to the wall, due to recent conflicts between the two, the best way to prevent the two from being together in the hot seat is to vote for Flayslane, who is close to them.

Upon hearing this, Prior agreed with the actor's strategy, since the singer from Paraíba got a series of disaffections with the participants of the “BBB20” this week and could become the most voted of the house if he also receives their votes.

However, the two continued to discuss other scenarios and the possibility that Gizelly will nominate Flayslane for the wall herself, which will cause the two to be voted on by the house. It is worth noting that the two still do not know that the wall will have five people and one of them will be pulled to the spot by the leader’s nominee this week.

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