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Since March 11, when the outbreak of Covid-19 was considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) to be a pandemic, a series of artists in Brazil and in several other countries released information on their social networks that they had contracted the virus.

The high number of records of contamination among famous people calls attention to the extent of the problem - the number of infected records had already exceeded 500 thousand on Friday (3/27) - but also to the disparity in the way in which countries have dealt with the tests and the ease that the rich and famous have to obtain them, compared to other citizens.

The following is a list of artists affected by the new coronavirus.


Diagnosed with the virus on March 19, the conductor had been hospitalized since the 16th, in So Paulo, with pulmonary complications. She died on Thursday night (26), aged 64. Naomi was the conductor of the Osesp Choir and was the head of the Paulistano Choir.

On the last day of the 17th, approximately two weeks after returning from Italy, the conductor was hospitalized with a flu-like condition, which developed into pneumonia. The first test performed by the musician was negative for coronavirus and the second, positive. He died last Wednesday, aged 66. Martinho was the creator of the Luther King Cultural Network.

The American actor, who would turn 70 in May, died last Thursday (26), due to complications caused by the coronavirus. Mark became famous worldwide for films Dundee Crocodile (1986) and Susan is desperately wanted (1985). His last job was Mr. Mooney in the series You, from Netflix.

The saxophonist and jazz star died last Tuesday (24), in France, due to complications caused by the coronavirus. Manu was 86 years old and became known worldwide after the success of Soul Makossa, his composition that was a worldwide success in the 70s.

The American playwright and screenwriter died last Tuesday (24), at the age of 81, in Florida, due to complications caused by the virus. He was the winner of four Tony Awards (1993, 1995, 1996 and 1998), the main recognition of American theater, and author of works such as Master class (1995), Frankie and Johnny in the Clair by Lune (1998) and The Spider Woman's Kiss (nineteen ninety).

>> Daniel Azulay

Artist Daniel Azulay, victim of the coronavirus, died on Friday (March 27) in Rio de Janeiro. He was treating leukemia and contracted the disease. Azulay was a plastic artist, educator, draftsman and author of several children's books. Born in Rio de Janeiro on May 30, 1947, he graduated in law but became famous for publishing comic books and cartoons in magazines and newspapers.



The Bahian influencer announced on the last day 12 to be with the coronavirus. The suspicion that Pugliesi contracted the virus from one of the guests who attended her sister's wedding, Marcela Minelli, occurred on March 7. Erasmus, Pugliesi's husband, said that despite living with the blogger, he had not been contaminated. “Quarantine remains firm and more than ever, taking care of my health,” she wrote.

On March 12, the former vocalist of NX Zero used his social networks to inform fans that he had contracted the virus and apologize for the cancellation of his shows. During live on March 19, Di Ferrero informed his followers that he was cured.

The singer was hired to perform at the wedding of Gabriela Pugliesi's sister, where it is suspected that she contracted the virus, as well as the blogger. The result of the exam was revealed by Preta Gil on March 14, via social media. In the post, she warned about the importance of redoubling hygiene care, taking care of the elderly, avoiding crowds and not spreading memes and fake news about illness.

The actress published the results of the exams on her social networks on March 16. Fernanda was also at the wedding of Gabriela Pugliesi's sister. In the post, she recalled the importance of being responsible and preserving health, to avoid the spread of the virus. “There are ups and downs, both physical and emotional, leaving an experience and continuing it. Isolation does not end, nor do doubts, faith, care and positive thinking. We are going together, even at a distance, ”he wrote last Thursday.

The musician announced last Wednesday (25) that he had tested positive for the coronavirus. He said that the symptoms he is experiencing are similar to those of dengue. Dinho took advantage of the post to alert people who had contact with him to be aware of the symptoms of the virus. “There must be an internal battle going on: me against COVID-19. For now, I think I'm winning, because it's not getting worse. I hope it continues like this ”, he wrote.

The singer Ceará Xand Avio and the influencer Isabele Temteo, with whom married, announced on Wednesday (24) to be with the virus. According to the couple, they have been quarantined since March 16, when they took the exam. Their youngest daughter, Isabela, also showed symptoms, but her test was negative. Enzo, another son of the couple, did not take the test.

»Gabi Lopes

The actress and presenter disclosed, on Tuesday (24), to have been contaminated with the virus. “Sometimes I wake up better, in the middle of the day it gets worse, then it gets better, I wake up badly in the middle of the night … The tightness in my lungs and shortness of breath are the worst parts. That's not really a gripezinha”, published .


Tom Hanks announced on his social media on March 11 that he and Rita Wilson, his wife, had contracted the virus. Both are 63 years old and were contaminated in Australia, where they were shooting a film about Elvis Presley. Right after the diagnosis, the actors were quarantined, where they are still. Hanks continually reports, via social media, about the couple's recovery. In one of his last posts, he stated that the two are feeling much better and stressed the importance of maintaining quarantine. “You don't transmit to anyone. You don't take anyone. Common sense, huh? ”

»Luca Franzese

The Italian actor, known for the police TV series Gomorra, was diagnosed with the virus. On March 8, Luca published a video on his social networks, in which he claimed to have been stuck at home with the body of his dead sister for more than 24 hours. Teresa Franzese had also been diagnosed with the virus and died of complications from it. The removal of the corpse was done the next day.

On the 16th, the British actor announced that he had contracted the virus. Sabrina Dhowre, the actor's wife, was also infected. She revealed the test result in a remote interview with Oprah Winfrey on March 21, in which she said she was not surprised, as she had chosen to quarantine with her husband.

Famous for playing the warrior Tormund, in series Game of Thrones (2011-2019), Kristofer announced on the last 16 that he was quarantined, together with his family, and feeling well, with only mild cold symptoms. “Together, we can fight this virus and prevent a crisis in our hospitals. Take care, keep your distance and stay healthy! ”, He wrote.

»Indira Varma

The British actress said on the 18th she was infected with the virus. Indira gave life to Ellaria Sand, in Game of Thrones (2011-2019). “I'm in bed with this (COVID-19) and it's cool. Stay safe and healthy and be kind to others, ”said she, who is quarantined in the UK.

»Rachel Matthews

Rachel used social media to publicize the positive result of her exam on the 16th. The American actress voiced the character Honeymaren in the animation. Frozen 2 2020). In one of her Instagram stories, posted on the same day she announced she had the virus, she said she had trouble taking the exams due to high demand in the U.S.

»Olga Kurylenko

The Ukrainian actress, known for her performance in 007 - Quantum of solace (2008), disclosed to have tested positive for coronavirus, through its social networks, in the last day 15. “I had my first symptoms, then they increased quickly and got worse. The last thing I was thinking about was posting something or telling someone about my illness, ”he said in a post on Thursday (26).

The 79-year-old Spanish tenor announced that he tested positive for COVID-19. In the post, he claimed to be in self-isolation, along with his family. “Currently, we are all healthy, but I had symptoms of fever and cough, deciding to take the test, and the positive result,” he said.

»Itziar Ituo

The Spanish actress and singer, known as Inspector Raquel Murillo in the series La Casa de Papel, from Netflix, announced to be with the virus. She released the result on the 18th. “My case is mild and I'm fine, but very, very contagious and super dangerous for people who are weaker. This is not silly, be aware, take it seriously, there are dead, many lives at stake and we still don't know where this is going. ”

»Daniel Dae Kim

The test result was released by the South Korean actor on the 19th. He claimed to have contracted the virus during recordings of the New Amsterdam series in New York. The symptoms of the disease began to appear when he was on the plane, going to Hawaii, where he is currently quarantined. Daniel participated in series as Lost and Hava 5.0.

»Harvey Weinstein

The 68-year-old former US producer, arrested since March 11 for sexual assault and rape, tested positive for the virus, according to Variety. The legal team said they would not comment on client privacy. Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison and is currently isolated in a prison in the state of New York.

»Charlotte Lawrence

The 19-year-old American singer used her social networks to divulge, on the 18th of last month, that she has the virus. “So this is not to ask for prayers, love and affectionate messages for me. This is a request for all of you to protect yourself. Stay indoors, please. Feeling sick or not, stay home. Think about your parents, us your grandparents. We have the power to slow this down, “he wrote.

* Internship under the supervision of the publisher Silvana Arantes


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