As one of the most active personalities on Twitter, Maisa usually shares several moments of her life and some thoughts through the social network with her followers, who are very close to the presenter and tend to interact a lot with her and her stories.

Maisa is one of the famous people who uses the social network the most to chat with her audience, and for this reason she has won the affection of the network's users, who, even if they are not fans of the presenter, adore her on the social network.

On the morning of last Sunday (29), inclusive, the presenter decided once again to interact with her followers and spoke a little about her courtship with Nicholas Arashiro.

Maisa tears praise to her boyfriend

On the social network, Maisa published a series of photos of moments next to her boyfriend, Nicholas, who, in the post, she called “iconic moments of this relationship”, in which the couple appears at different times since they are together.

However, one of the photos ended up drawing more attention among the others, which was a click in which Nicholas appears standing beside a hospital bed in which Maisa is lying. The photo was the one that most caught the attention of the presenter's followers, who decided to explain the reason why she has this record of the two.

When asked about the photo, Maisa explained that she considers the photo is very good, because on this day in question she almost died from being so sick ‘getting stuff out’ when she got really sick and ended up vomiting a lot

She also said that she was so ill that she even passed out. “Nicholas was very warrior, cleaned my vomit, helped me and called my parents,” said the presenter.

Maisa also said that the couple stayed in the hospital throughout the night until she got better. The presenter also said that her boyfriend should be wanting to kill her, as he vomited and ended up passing out on top of his vomit and he had to move her again to help her.

Some users, however, started to raise a rumor about what brought the presenter to the hospital, saying that she had been in this state due to excessive alcohol.

However, Maisa countered the comments that she had been hospitalized for excess alcohol and replied that “before that was it”, because, according to her, the responsibility would be entirely hers, and added that the day was very strange, because she must have eaten something bad that made her look like this, and she remembered that she had never looked so bad as she did today.

She reinforced again that she passed out several times from the pain she felt at the moment.

In the end, Maisa also pointed out that on this day everything she had eaten her boyfriend had also eaten.

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