The general secretary of Argentinian Association Footballers (FAA), Sergio Marchi, affirmed this Monday that it is in complete opposition to any type of salary reduction for the players, despite the fact that the activity is paralyzed by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Some leaders are looking for excuses mismanagement or wrong behavior when budgeting “, Marchi stated in dialogue with radio La Red, and indicated that there are “about 4,000 professional contracts in all categories of Argentine football, women's football and Interior. Only 960 are First Division players, then there are almost 30,000 workers, including referees, club props and others that must be fulfilled “

“We must accompany the issue of health. We have read contract by contract, down to the particularities and observations they have, to have a legal and economic perspective “, emphasized the former player of San Lorenzo and Gimnasia La Plata, among others.

But for the union leader, with the paralysis of the activity appeared “the miseries of soccer” and in that sense he commented that the same day he went to the Government House “Some people started looking for excuses for not paying contracts, and you can't blame the pandemic.”

However, Marchi acknowledged that what is happening with the coronavirus in football will have “an impact”, but added: “We are up to overcome this gap that we have to live. In 2016 we had a conflict on January 3 and the tournament started in late March. We were in a rut because the clubs had not paid for four months and we were able to solve it, “he recalled.

Beyond criticizing some leaders, of whom he did not give names, he stressed to other institutions that have “a very good administration and the footballers are up to date”.
“It is essential to respect the salary of the players. I speak three times a day with the people of AFA and we are very informed of the details of each contract, “he said.

He also highlighted the fact that the national government acted quickly before the pandemic and highlighted that there was no footballer from the local media who contracted the disease, as it happened in other leagues.

“The soccer stop was only for a month and a half because it was already stipulated that the season ended in mid-May,” Marchi said about the payment made by television in March and that will be extended in April.


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