Presenter Sabrina Sato, since the birth of her daughter, little Zoe, has shared with her followers several moments of the little girl's life, including several cute moments that she lives next to the little one during her growth.

Recently she posted on her Instagram again a charming video of the little girl next to her. In the images, the little girl appears with her mother taking advantage of this moment of home isolation, in which the presenter is not recording any program.

The little one is very excited in these moments when she has spent with her mother at home, and the presenter made sure to film one of these moments and publish.

Zoe's video enchants web during quarantine

In the publication made by the presenter, she explained about the word that her daughter likes to speak now, and told her followers that the word that the little one most likes to speak, and speaks in many moments, is 'alive'.

She also said that the little girl, besides being very fond of speaking the word, speaks at all times with a great animation that spreads to everyone who witnesses the cute and happy moment of the little girl.

In the images that were recorded by Sabrina, little Zoe appears vibrating and does not stop talking for a minute while her parents play with her on the recording.

The video was the biggest hit among Sabrina fans, and had more than 300,000 likes on Instagram, in addition to the nearly 7,000 comments from people who praised the little girl Zoe and found the moment very cute.

Zoe's 'Mesverniversary'

Last Sunday (29), Sabrina delighted her followers when she celebrated her 1 year and 4 months Zoe that enchants the web in everyone moments that appear on the mother's social networks.

As the presenter is currently in social isolation, as well as many people, due to the new coronavirus, to prevent the spread and transmission of the disease, she took the opportunity to publish a sequence of photos and videos from when her daughter was a baby to celebrate the most special moment of your life.

In one of the photos, the two appear together with the little girl's father, actor Duda Nagle.

In one of the videos that was published by the presenter through her Instagram, she appears at a time when the little girl was breastfed when she was a baby, and already enchanted both her parents and the web.

In the caption, Sabrina emphasized how much she misses those moments. She recalled that her daughter was 1 year and 4 months old, and that she was thrilled to rescue the photos that were published by her on the social network.

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