(photo: Tnia Rego / Agencia Brasil)

With fall in exports and in matter, a Brazilian trade balance registered a positive balance of $ 4.713 billion in March. The data were released this Wednesday (1/4), by the Foreign Trade Secretariat, of the Ministry of Economy.

The data came almost equal to the ceiling of the estimates in the survey of Projees Broadcast, of US $ 4,700 billion. The floor was $ 3.30 billion, with a median of $ 4.70 billion.

(photo: Tnia Rego / Agencia Brasil)

The March balance was above that recorded in the same month last year, when the result was positive at US $ 4.296 billion. Last month, exports totaled US $ 19.239 billion, a decrease of 4.7% compared to March 2019. Imports reached US $ 14.525 billion, a decrease of 4.5% in the same comparison.

In the fourth week of March (23 to 29), the trade surplus was a surplus of US $ 1.308 billion. On Thursday (30 and 31), it was positive by US $ 801 million


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