Stating that INDER member construction companies took every precaution against the coronavirus known as COVID-19, INDER President Durbakayım emphasized that their employees are a priority.

While İNDER member brands, which decided to protect employment, sent some employees to paid leave, some employees were kept in employment through a home office-style work system. Most of the sales offices in the projects were regulated by the social distance rule, and some of them were closed and emphasis was placed on call centers and online contact systems. The personnel working in critical departments were allowed to work alternately in disinfected offices, taking all precautions.

President Durbakayım emphasized that INDER member construction companies will maintain the current employment in order to avoid economic difficulties in the sector. Explaining that the available resources will be used to protect the employment in the sector, which declined to 1.5 million as of 2020, President Nazmi Durbakayım said, “The support of the state for three months will increase our strength even more”.


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