reflection of rapidly falling oil prices on the world market are being felt in Turkey. The big drops in the barrel of the oil keep the eye of the consumer on the pump. After the frequent discount, gasoline and the engine came the biggest discount to LPG after a long time. Stating that the LPG's liter ceiling price decreased to 3.17 in Samsun and Amasya after the 95 kurush discount made in LPG, PÜİS Samsun Branch President Zafer Güler despite these discounts, 60 percent of fuel sales in central stations and 60 percent in intercity stations due to the corona virus. He stated that he decreased 75.

“The discount to LPG was not seen in the recent period”

Emphasizing that the prices may increase slightly depending on the agreement of America and Russia, Güler said, “The talk about America and Russia oil and gas prices continues. If Russia and America can establish a contact, prices may go up. As in our country, there is a great decrease in consumption throughout the world. Demand will be supply. I do not think that the gas prices will drop further after the 15 cents reduction expected until Monday. A big discount of 95 cents came to LPG, but the number of vehicles that can travel on the field has decreased considerably. Everyone was taken to their homes. Such a discount in LPG was not seen any time soon. As of the end of March, sales fell to 40 percent in Samsun and Amasya. In other words, a decrease of 60 percent is observed. ”

“Fuel sales dropped 60 percent in central stations and 75 percent in intercity stations”

Noting that there has been a great decrease in fuel sales due to the corona virus despite the falling prices, Güler said, “We are selling the current LPG at prices between January-September 2017. Currently, the LPG ceiling price is sold at 3.17 TL. While there was a 60 percent loss in fuel sales in the centers, the decrease in sales in fuel stations located on the intercity roads was 75 percent. Since intercity traffic stops a lot, the loss of intercity fuel stations is more. Distributor companies are also worried at the moment, and automotive companies are experiencing the same concern. ”


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