CABJ DisclosureTevez thinks Argentine clubs should be engaged in fighting coronavirus

Idol at Boca Juniors, player Carlitos Tévez said on Wednesday that his club and the Argentine government can count on his help during the pandemic of the new coronavirus, which has already left 28 dead in the country, according to official data.

“I put myself at the disposal of the government and the club to help. I don't like to fantasize about many things, because when you help, it's from the heart. It is not to be in a video. You have to be silent, but all the time. I put myself at the disposal of the club, even if it means delivering goods to a table ”, he declared to the Argentine broadcaster América Televisión.

The 36-year-old striker praised the government of President Alberto Fernández, which among other measures demanded social isolation until at least April 13. “He is doing things right,” praised the Argentine idol, who said he hoped for a more supportive world after the end of the pandemic.

“We are realizing that we are all the same. It affects all of us, especially grandparents, whether in Argentina or the United States. If it's up to you, get involved. I hope it is for the better and that we grow as a society and that tomorrow this has changed the world for the better ”, he said.

Tévez wants greater involvement not only from Boca, but from all Argentine clubs, which at the moment are without activities due to the interruption of all competitions. “Instead of going to training in the morning, you may be forced to do things for people. For example, go to the soup kitchens in La Boca. I would be happy to go. I know my family is fine. Being with these people will make us much stronger. This is where the great example begins ”, he considered.

The former Corinthians striker said football players can live six months or a year without receiving, but that there are desperate people who have no money and cannot work because of the quarantine. “The state is there for that. It has been doing well what it should do for these people. We have to help in what we can, to be with the people of the neighborhood ”, he insisted.

The vast majority of Argentine clubs have made their facilities available to the government to house people infected or homeless during the pandemic.

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