Rafa, Ivy and Thelma face off against a wall in the decisive final stretch of the 'BBB20'. The walls ended up in the hot seat through the vote of the leader, vote of the house and power of the counterattack. In the end, the influencer, the model and the doctor will dispute the popular vote to decide who stays at the 'BBB20' house.

As was to be expected, the UOL poll has already sought to advance the results of the wall, which seems quite predictable to a large part of the public, but the results, however, may end up surprisingly much the viewers who wait a lot for the mining company Ivy Moraes of the 'BBB20'.

Formation of the 'BBB20' seawall

The leader of the week, Mari Gonzalez, thought long and hard over the 24 hours she had to decide her vote for the hot seat. While Thelma and Manu speculated a vote of influence on them, it was up to the Bahian to surprise, and indicate Rafa Kalimann for the wall. In justification, Mari pointed out that Rafa had not faced many walls, and because of that, he would be sending someone who had not yet gone to the spotlight.

It is also worth mentioning that Rafa disputed only one wall, which was supporting, when the protagonists, Babu Santana and Pyong Lee, fought vote by vote the permanence in the house, which was won by the actor.

Based on that, we proceeded to the other votes of the house for the second nomination. For that, the dynamic was of open votes, and had a total of four votes on the model Ivy Moraes, who ended up in the hot seat. As she had already voted for Thelma for the 'BBB20' hot spot, she also ended up pulling the doctor with the power of the counterattack.

Thus, the 'BBB20' wall was formed by Rafa Kalimann, Ivy Moraes and Thelma Assis.

The public on Twitter greatly celebrated Ivy's visit to the sea wall, and promised historic rejection for the controversial 'BBB20' participant. However, it seems that in the UOL poll, the still inexpressive vote on Ivy can make the game turn around.

Poll UOL points surprise

The UOL poll is always released shortly after the official GShow vote. In this way, when launching the poll in the air, a group effort was already envisioned to highlight Ivy from the audience's darlings, Thelma Assis and Rafa Kalimann.

However, a surprise happened.

After 180 thousand votes in the UOL poll, Ivy Moraes appears with “only” 58.11% of the internet users' votes, while Thelma, in second, counts with 31.33%. Right in third, Rafa comes up with 10.56% of the internet users' voting intentions.

What is most surprising is the distribution of votes in the three confined spaces, since Ivy Moraes has always been identified as the most rejected of the public on social networks. It is worth mentioning that Gizelly Bicalho, a former participant in the 'BBB20', and Ivy's friend in the confinement, was surprised by the high rejection of the mining company. “I swear I didn't imagine this rejection of Ivy out here,” said the lawyer in an interview with Glamor magazine.

The high distribution of votes in the UOL poll may cause some surprises in one of the last walls of the 'BBB20'.

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