Ormer Liverpool manager Gerard Houllier thinks his previous team ought to be given the Premier League name even when the season isn’t finished due to the COVID-19 catastrophe.

Following Houllier, who headed Liverpool into FA Cup and UEFA Cup glory in 2001 throughout his six-year spell at Anfield, Juergen Klopp’s team could be penalizing champions.

Asked if they ought to be given their first top-flight name since 1990, the former France coach advised TalkSport: Yeah. That is precisely what they did in France. They had a 12-point guide, and I believe Liverpool had two matches to win the title.

“When there was a gap of maybe a few points, then you can argue it requires some opportunities from groups but 25 points there isn’t any way they would not be winners. It.”

Houllier, an advisor to Olympique Lyonnais president Jean-Michel Aulas, included the Premier League must follow the government’s lead on if to restart.

“I believe that they should stick to the government’s rules. In case the government decides we cease, then we must abide by that,” he clarified.

“Secondly, possibly wait a bit because we do not understand what it is going to be just like within a fortnight or three months “


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