Serie A teams are going to have the ability to begin individual training sessions of Monday amid the COVID-19 catastrophe, according to the letter sent by the Italian interior ministry to local governments.

Prime minister Giuseppe Conte said last Sunday that personal training could begin on May 4 and staff coaching May 18, just for sports ministry Vincenzo Spadafora to state that athletes in various sports could begin training from May 4. Also, people in staff sports must wait till May 18.

Bologna, also located at the Emilia Romagna area where special permission was granted for athletes in team sports to get involved in training sessions on a single basis from May 4, players can resume training on Tuesday.

The area of Campania, which includes Naples, has also stated that players may start training.

“Athletes and nonathletes, of nonindividual areas, exactly like every citizen, are permitted to practice individual athletic activities, in public and private locations, regarding their social safety distance of two meters and in regard of their ban to assemble in almost any kind,” the ministry said in a letter to local governments.

Serie A was frozen since March 9, along with the league and also the Italian football federation (FIGC) both wish to fill out the season. On the other hand, the Italian government claims it’s not yet determined if it is going to present its consent to do so.


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