The United Nations on Thursday issued a fresh appeal for $4.7 billion in financing to”protect countless lives and stem the spread of coronavirus in fragile nations.”

The money is in addition to the $2 billion that the UN currently called for if it established its international humanitarian response strategy on March 25. It’s received about half that money up to now.

“Unless we do it today, we ought to be ready for substantial growth in battle, poverty, and hunger. The specter of numerous famines looms,” he cautioned.

The total $6.7 billion is expected to pay the costs of this humanitarian response strategy until December.

It prioritizes some 20 states, including many in battles such as Afghanistan and Syria.

The new forecast for contributions came as nine countries were added to the listing: Benin, Djibouti, Liberia, Mozambique, Pakistan, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Togo, and Zimbabwe.

The funds should be used to purchase medical equipment to check and care for the sick, supply hand-washing channels, launching information campaigns, and set humanitarian airlifts into Africa, Asia, and Latin America, according to the UN.

Additionally, it intends to create new programs to fight better food insecurity that’s growing as a consequence of the financial crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Extraordinary measures are required,” Lowcock stressed.

“I urge donors to behave in both solidarity and self-interest and produce their answer to the scale of this problem we confront,” he added, warning of a long-term boomerang effect if wealthy countries fail developing nations.


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