Since Elsa experiences distinct embodiments of the four different spirits, for example, fire soul Bruni, the Kelpie Nøkk, the Earth Giants, along with the end soul”Gale,” she starts to notice that she’s a calming effect over those elemental figures. Traveling to Ahtohallan, the mythical river rumored to keep memories from yesteryear, Elsa finds her abilities were a present from the spirits, which she’s the reincarnation of their fifth soul, a mediator between the natural world and human culture. Even though Frozen 2 investigates why Elsa herself has magic powers, it does not directly address why Anna and her parents don’t have any magical powers to speak of.

Since Elsa’s forces are a gift from the spirits, Anna’s lack of troops could result from the simple actuality that she had been born next. After Iduna rescued Agnarr throughout the struggle between the two feuding states, the spirits took notice of her guts not just because she risked her own life to save Agnarr, but since he had been the son of Northuldra’s enemy. Since Northuldra includes a link to the elemental spirits and Arendelle consists of a URL into the contemporary world, both countries signify on a microcosmic scale the more significant split between nature and culture, which the goal of the spirit to adjust. Since the marriage of Agnarr and Iduna finally simplifies the equilibrium that could be accomplished between culture and nature, the spirits subsequently blessed their first-born child Elsa together with the forces of their fifth soul to assist further that cause. Anna, who had the misfortune of being born next, only missed out to the spirits’ present.

Together with their first-born child Elsa since the receiver of their spirits’ present, Frozen two also answers the alternative wonder why Agnarr and Iduna do not have magic powers themselves. Over the mythos of Frozen, the capability to produce ice magic is not common amongst people. Back in Frozen, even Iduna, that grew up using a cultural link to the ancestral spirits as part of their Northuldra community was uncomfortable about Elsa’s unexplainable powers and hunted out the stone trolls for information regarding Elsa’s state, because just elemental beings have firsthand expertise with this kind of magical, not individuals. While Iduna’s selfless activities were why Elsa was bestowed with ice forces to start with, her daughter obtained powers rather than her since beings are born with elemental powers at the Frozen world and do not get them later on in life.

Even though Elsa’s powers might have been depicted in Frozen 2 for a gift from the spirits, an individual could assert that Elsa’s ancestral powers were a curse on their loved ones. Her ice magic can also be indirectly the reason for her parents’ deaths because Iduna and Agnarr got caught in a storm when they had been traveling to Ahtohallan to discover additional details about Elsa’s powers. From a positive standpoint, Elsa was created with forces since the spirits needed to honor Iduna’s activities. Still, by the opposite perspective, the minds could have contributed Elsa uncontrollable ice magical as punishment for the actions of Agnarr’s dad, King Runeard, that murdered the Northuldra pioneer and constructed a dam to hamper the Northuldra individuals’ resources.

Since Elsa finally finds inner peace after discovering that she is the fifth soul after Frozen 2, both perspectives that Elsa’s powers were a gift or a curse would finally coincide because Elsa’s powers triggered both negative and positive outcomes throughout both movies.


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