The comic book legend made the iconic Merc using a mouth in the’90s. Liefeld believes that Deadpool does not match the usual Marvel mold.

Deadpool and Deadpool two were equally substantial hits, with the two movies grossing well over 700 million bucks in the box office worldwide. The fourth-wall-breaking-katana-carrying Deadpool was introduced to the world in the first film, as a result of Ryan Reynold’s fantastic portrayal, which immediately led to new expectations for a sequel. Deadpool is a fan-favorite since he is not afraid to play dirty, and he is completely aware he is a comic book character. The very first Deadpool researched Wade Wilson’s origin story, and also, the sequel explored the wake of the departure of his girlfriend, Vanessa. Both movies have been hilarious and packed a hit. Also, Deadpool two became among those highest-grossing R-rated films of all time.

Regardless of the massive success of the first two Deadpool movies, the highly expected Deadpool 3 stays tightly under wraps in terms of a scheduled release. Rob Liefeld blamed Marvel for its delay, citing frustration on the way his character has been treated in a meeting using

Reynolds himself said that Disney purchasing Fox was a fantastic factor for Deadpool 3. Disney sensibly said they would not reboot Reynold’s iteration of their personality. But, Liefeld has got a right to be disappointed with the lack of improvements in Deadpool 3. As he notes at the meeting, his character has resulted in a billion-dollar franchise, and lovers have made it crystal clear they need another around with all the sassy Merc using a mouth. There has been a disagreement at Disney whether they would wish to carry on with an R-rated Deadpool at the MCU or even have him engage in PG-13 MCU team-ups. (Or when the personality could easily transition involving the two.) Deadpool two manager David Leitch said the third movie does not need to become R-rated to become a different box office success, which might make it simpler for Deadpool to flourish from the MCU.

There is undoubtedly no personality out there, such as Deadpool, and a third movie will most likely be a massive success.


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