New fan artwork for an expected Man of Steel two homages an iconic Superman comic book cover. Superman’s future from the unofficially-titled DCEU is unclear. Warner Bros.’ upcoming record of DC Comics movies doesn’t comprise a Superman story. But, though there’s nothing verified to be from the works, Superman actor Henry Cavill stated he is not completed with the personality.

Man of Steel published almost seven decades back. Director Zack Snyder attracted a darker, more introspective look at the personality compared to previous movies. The movie wasn’t received too well, getting a 56 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. However, Man of Steel has plenty of lovers, with compliments visiting Cavill and General Zod celebrity Michael Shannon. The conflicts were the greatest in a Superman movie, and possibly some comic book movie at the point. Zod’s departure at Superman’s hands remains contentious, though Shannon defended it. Fans are wondering if Superman will appear following his return at Justice League, along with a brief cameo at Shazam!

Popular artist ultraraw26 has performed a bit for a possible Man of Steel two submitted for their Instagram. 2) #204 out of DC Comics. Jim Lee did the first cover, which has gone down as one of the very iconic parts of official Superman artwork.

It is hard to say exactly what Warner Bros. can do with Superman heading forward. Just taking a look at the prior movies, an individual would presume that he will appear together with the Justice League to combat the Injustice League headed by Lex Luthor. However, at present, that does not look to be occurring based on the upcoming slate. Lois Lane actress Amy Adams considers the studio is moving out from Cavill’s Superman. Regrettably, all enthusiasts can do now is just wait and watch.

It is always a fun subject talking about what might occur in a Man of Steel sequel. Can Brainiac eventually be introduced to the area of live-action? Can Metallo look, or even a more recent invention? All these are questions that will hopefully be answered in the not too distant future. Meanwhile, Superman fans may anticipate some brand new animated movie.


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