Star Wars theory artist Matthew Savage articles a subtle yet epic Darth Vader mention in Dark Rey’s lightsaber, which appeared in the upswing of Skywalker.

The Dark Rey vision seemed to Rey about the ruins of the second Death Star after she found she had been a Palpatine, symbolizing her internal battle concerning the discovery.

The crux of the primary battle in Star Wars: The Growth of Skywalker has been the wicked Emperor Palpatine’s return. It was disclosed he was supporting the increase of this First Order altogether. What made matters worse was once Rey found she had been Palpatine’s granddaughter. Horrified by her lineage, Rey attempted to deny it but had been satisfied with her worst nightmare shortly after locating the Sith way-finder about the wreckage of the second Death Star. Dark Rey was there to fulfill a nightmarish vision of the prospective Empress of the Sith, with a lightsaber that unfolded to a dual bladed weapon similar to Darth Mauls. On the other hand, the saber includes a blink, and you will miss it instant design nod to the most well-known Sith Lord of time.

Concept artist Matthew Savage mentioned he had the opportunity to work on some of those lightsabers for Star Wars: The Growth of Skywalker. He contested fans to see the Darth Vader mention in Dark Rey’s lightsaber theory artwork, noting that J.J Abrams asked that he put in a Vader nod at Dark Rey’s saber. Have a look at the cool concept artwork beneath.

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Dark Rey’s lightsaber from Rise of Skywalker: After 5 Star Wars movies I finally got to work on some lightsabers! @jjabramsofficial requested adding an element of Vader’s saber, points if you can spot it (answer on the second slide) - - - #darkrey #lightsaber #propdesign #propdesigner #propmaking #3dmodeling #3dmodel #industrialdesign #filmdesign #madewithmodo #modo3d #conceptart #conceptartist #conceptdesigner #graflex #graflexflash #lightsaberhilt #lightsaberdesign #kylorenlightsaber #riseofskywalker #theriseofskywalker #industrialdesigner #starwarsprop #starwarsprops #darkreycosplay

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Savage’s layout was brilliant however sadly underused, which might be stated for Dark Rey generally speaking. Rey’s real lightsaber duel with her dark side was a fantastic concept, but they could have built up her internal battle over the length of the whole trilogy, rather than hurrying it at the last movie. It would have been another fantastic tribute to Anakin Skywalker’s arc and made it more believable when Rey finally chose the Jedi, rather than linking to the dark side such as Anakin. Options are a significant subject of Star Wars, and the effect they have on other people. Irrespective of plot and character options, it surely would have been cool to see Dark Rey’s lightsaber inactivity for over fifteen or so seconds.

It was confirmed that Rey would not fall into the dark side in Star Wars: The growth of Skywalker. Her option to become Rey Skywalker at the end of the movie proved to be a superb way to shut the Skywalker saga. But, her choice would have been more purposeful with more internal character battles on the road. Dark Rey’s look might have been brief, but her lightsaber could’ve caused significant damage if used right. Luckily, Rey Skywalker picked the light and walked off with a yellow lightsaber, which was uniquely her own.


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