Mark Hamill Believed Lucas was Enjoying Star Wars too Secure with Return of the Jedi. The last installment from the first trilogy came in 1983, in a time when lovers were still reeling from the revelation that Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s father.

Although the movie was the lowest-grossing entrance in the Star Wars trilogy, it had been fraught with surprises as well as an abysmal plot. Their addition added a type of cutesy, childlike component to Jedi. Following three films full of hard-fought (and often emotional) conflicts, cuddly bear animals with slingshots have been a divisive addition to that which was widely thought to be the franchise finale. However, Jedi was nevertheless a monster hit, but one of a specific proportion of Star Wars lovers, it is still, to this day, mentioned as the most debatable entry of their first few movies. Oddly enough, but it is not only the fans who have had problems using the Jedi. It seems at least one cast member also felt loath within the movie’s plot.

By Hamill, he complained to George Lucas the notion of Skywalker resisting the pull of the Dark Side was”so predictable and tap ”

But had Lucas relented and altered the end, it might have attracted an extraordinarily dark and probably unsatisfactory ending to what was then thought to be the degree of the Star Wars franchise. The whole franchise, as we now know, it’d have been radically changed by such a move too. An investigation of Anakin’s turn to the Dark Side at the prequel movies would have felt somewhat tricky, as crowds would know what it was like to find a protagonist fall into the clutches of evil. In reality, in specific ways, the prequels provided precisely what Hamill desired to see at the first trilogy, except it was Hayden Christensen, who managed to encounter playing his double.

What Hamill’s criticism concerning Return of the Jedi further highlights is how long Lucas has been coping with individuals needing to rework his tales. Irrespective of what Star Wars movie one chooses, there’ll always be people who believe that it might have worked better this way or that. And since this has ever been the case, it is fantastic that Star Wars turned out as engaging as it’s. Finally, Lucas created the best choices he could because of his fire job, although fans aren’t in agreement with each decision he has made along the way, the reality is that we are all blessed to have the show as it’s.


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