Star Trek has established a hit for CBS All Access, together with constant reports of record downloads and subscribers. The flagship series was Star Trek: Discovery, initially set years before the experiences of Captain Kirk.

Star Trek: Discovery year 2 saw the team of the USS Discovery associate with some legendary characters from Star Trek history. Mount played Captain Pike, Kirk’s predecessor on the bridge of the Business; Peck depicted a younger version of Spock; and Romjin played with Number One, a personality seen in the first Star Trek pilot in 1965. All three were commended for their performances, and there have been continuing demand from the fanbase to get a new spinoff starring them.

It appears CBS has chosen to provide Star Trek fans exactly what they desired. CBS All Access has arranged a new series named Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. It will chart the experiences of the USS Enterprise a decade earlier, Kirk took control, starring Mount, Peck, and Romjin because of the Primary bridge team.” This new show is going to be an ideal match for the franchise, bringing a completely new perspective and sequence of experiences to Star Trek. “

The name, of course, is lifted right from the traditional series’ introduction. Once We stated we heard the lovers’ outpouring of love Pike, Number One and Spock if they stopped Star Trek: Discovery last year, we supposed it,” Kurtzman seen in a formal announcement.” These iconic personalities have a profound history in Star Trek canon, yet a lot of the stories have to be informed. Together with Akiva and Henry at the helm, the Enterprise, its team, and its lovers are in for an outstanding trip to new frontiers from the Star Trek universe. ”

As intriguing as this series could be, the authors might need to tread carefully. After all, the series stars a younger Spock, so the series is going to need to guarantee the character arc contributes efficiently to his role from the classic show. Meanwhile, whatever strange new worlds that the Enterprise finds, they need to be seamlessly incorporated into the canon. The first period of Star Trek: Discovery was criticized for introducing new technologies that appeared anachronous compared to the first show, and year 2 had to go to great lengths to resolve that issue, literally stripping advanced holo-technology in the Enterprise. It is going to be interesting to see just how Star Trek: Strange New Worlds matches into the lore.


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