The Flash season 6 finale indicated the frightening probability that Barry Allen could have been substituted with a Mirrorverse replicate, such as his wife Iris West-Allen before him. While this was not explicitly laid out in the finale, it might clarify Barry’s out-of-character behavior, in addition to events from earlier episodes.

Nevertheless, they had the little option when Carver approached the authorities to request aid after Mirror Mistress readily made his bodyguards evaporate without a trace. But before they could fasten Carver, they had been contacted with a Mirrorverse replica of Singh who left Barry an offer; hands over Carver and Dr. McCulloch would free Iris in the Mirrorverse.

Nash Wells teleported the group and Carver off before Barry could provide the imitation Singh a response and faced Barry independently over his letting a famous Mirroverse replicate to find that near Carver, even less contemplating bargaining with Mirror Mistress. Nash explained that the variations of Harrison Wells sharing space in his mind were yelling the Barry Allen they understood would not contemplate trading another individual’s lifetime to rescue Iris. Barry defended his jealousy, but by asking what type of man would not look at doing whatever was needed to conserve the love of life. While this wasn’t addressed in The Flash season 6 finale,” Nash did raise an interesting question concerning Barry’s recent behavior, and it had been indicated earlier in year six which Barry Allen wasn’t the guy he believed he was.

Mirror Mistress had expected this, but and substituted Barry’s prismatic scanner using a replica in the Mirrorverse. When the imitation Iris was flashed, she appeared to be human. After the scanner has been turned upon Barry, nevertheless, it revealed him to be a mirror copy.

The imitation Iris wears a fantastic show, hinting that the actual Barry Allen would not have spent a week preventing talking to her later she kicked him out of the flat and Barry was locked in a containment cell at STAR Labs till he eventually convinced Cecile Horton to spare him. While the incident implied that the scanner had been rigged to give the opposite consequence of the fact, it was not tested on a third party. Therefore, there is a possibility that Barry Allen revealed in “Liberation” was a Mirrorverse replicate.

The one difficulty with this concept is that there wasn’t any motive for Mirror Mistress to make a Mirrorverse replica of Barry Allen at the moment. Her followers were busily putting a snare for Flash in his flat when preparing her to escape in the Mirrorverse in precisely the identical time Barry was making preparations to face the bogus Iris at “Liberation.”

While Carver is hardly a trusted witness, the risk he is correct and Mirror Mistress was mad and possibly inhuman opens up a plethora of dreadful chances, including the notion that she may have produced a bogus Barry Allen without realizing it. This will amount to some Significant twist for the introduction of The Flash season, with the rest of Team Flash attempting to find the actual Barry Allen or Iris needing to rescue her husband out of the Mirrorverse.


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