Cyclone Amphan that barrelled through Odisha and West Bengal on Wednesday, has killed 21 people.

The storm started its landfall at 2:30 pm Wednesday, with sustained wind speeds of 155-165 mph spiraling around 185 kmph. The storm weakened as it moved forward and is now centered over Bangladesh.

While 12 people are killed in West Bengal, seven have been reported dead in neighboring Bangladesh.

One of those dead in Bangladesh is a five-year-old boy and also a 75-year-old guy, both struck by falling trees, and a cyclone crisis volunteer who burst.

Two other deaths were reported in Odisha, such as a baby crushed while the mud walls of their household’s hut collapsed in heavy rain.

The cyclonic storm’Amphan’ moved north northeastwards using a rate of 27 kmph during the last six months, further shrunk to a cyclonic storm and put centered now at 5.30’m over Bangladesh close Lat.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee stated on Wednesday night which the harm was hard to check instantly, pointing out that the whole islands were cut away from the mainland, and several regions were left without power or telephone connectivity.

“We’re confronting three disasters: the coronavirus, the thousands of migrants that are coming home, and the cyclone,” said Banerjee.

In Bangladesh, a thousand people are without power, according to the Ministry of Power.

Aman is the most powerful cyclone to have originated in the Bay of Bengal in years. High winds and tropical rains triggered by the cyclone’s movement ravaged cities and villages at coastal Odisha and West Bengal, bringing down power lines, uprooting trees, and inundating houses.

Aman is a Thai title, which means skies.


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