“Provide details of every flight and also details of passengers into the countries initially,” that the Chhattisgarh chief minister mentioned in his correspondence.

In addition, he asked for clarity on if the 14-day mandatory quarantine will be in a paid center or even a state-run facility for drivers on domestic flights.

In his correspondence to the Civil Aviation Minister, the chief minister stated that it had come to his notice via different media the Civil Aviation Ministry had decided to restart domestic flight services out of May 25.

Baghel reiterated no different standard operating procedure (SOP) was issued for passengers who’d be traveling from 1 nation to another on national flights.

He explained the additional spread of this coronavirus disease couldn’t be prevented if national flight providers are declared in the time once the state was seeing a spike in several nations so far as Covid-19 positive instances were worried.

In his correspondence, Baghel claimed that the civil aviation ministry ought to resume operating flights just under powerful measures and measures to suppress the spread of Covid-19. He urged that the minister that particulars of every flight, using elaborate details regarding passengers traveling ought to be shared with all the nations remembering that the growing amount of Covid-19 favorable scenarios.

The Chhattisgarh chief minister stated in the time of booking of tickets, all passengers must be educated about the compulsory quarantine period to be finished and its own conditions.

The ministry added that restarting national flight services under strict and effective guidelines will from the long-run aid all state authorities in taking steps to control and control the spread of this coronavirus disease.

Before, Karnataka’s Director General of Police had stated that passengers arriving at Karnataka via national flights in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Madhya Pradesh are asked to undergo a 7-day “institutional quarantine” that would subsequently be followed by house quarantine.

On Saturday afternoon, the office of the Karnataka DGP announced the movement at a post on Twitter.


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