Rupee slips 18 paise to 75.81 against US dollar in early trade

Forex dealers said the weakness at the rupee was mainly because of the strengthening US dollar. Also, rising coronavirus instances in the nation weighed...

India should consider a big stimulus to revive Covid-19-hit economy: Abhijit Banerjee

Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee on Tuesday stated that India should think about a substantial stimulation and provide money in hand to make demand and...

Green stimulus can repair global economy and climate, study says

Greenmarket recovery packages for your coronavirus catastrophe will fix the worldwide market and set the world on track to handle climate breakdown. Still, time...

Coronavirus: From Covid-19 to pandemic, some key terms explained

Articles and reports about the new coronavirus are filled with conditions that the majority of us do not use every day. A number of...

Coronavirus: Greece sees economy tanking this year, says govt report

Greece expects its economy to contract from 4.7 percent to 8.9 percent this season under investigation, and adverse situations are taking into consideration the...

Besides millions of layoffs and plunging GDP, here’s another worry for economy: Falling prices

As if Good Depression-size job losses and a cartoonish contraction at the country's economic outcome weren't sufficient, analysts have started to fret more than...

We forget that flu once plagued the economy as coronavirus does today

It's a sobering thought that by the numerous well-researched reports to have emerged lately, this Johnson/Cummings authorities appears to have been ready to risk...