Former India fast bowler Atul Wassan believes India should think about having broken captaincy as directing the team across all three formats might be a load on one single player. Virat Kohli now leads India in Tests, ODIs and in T20Is Also. He also leads Royal Challengers Bangalore from the Premier League. Whenever Kohli has opted to take a break from global tours, Rohit Sharma has been appointed the captain at his place, and he’s achieved great results leading the side.

Rohit has also directed Indian Premier League side Mumbai Indians to four names - the maximum trophies won by any team so far in the tournament. Wassan considers that India could opt to mention Rohit since the captain at the T20Is.

In a meeting to Sportskeeda, Wassan has been asked: “Should India have a split captaincy?” In response, the former India cricketer stated: “Yes, I believe India should consider broken captaincy since it’s too much burden. Virat loves it, I believe he wishes to captain all 3 formats. But Rohit Sharma has shown us that he is an instinctive leader.”

“His record is good, he leads from the front. Together with Mumbai Indians, he did the very same,” he added.

Wassan further said that Kohli is your boss from the Test cricket, and should also lead India in the ODIs until the next World Cup. “In Test cricket, Virat is your boss. In one day-cricket, Virat should be the captain, but in T20Is, take the stress out of Virat’s lifetime, and let somebody else lead the side like Rohit Sharma,” he explained.


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