In her speech, Sitharaman will discuss the particulars of the Rs 20 lakh crore economic stimulus package that was announced by PM Modi on Tuesday to combat Covid-19.

In a succession of tweets, the finance minister on Tuesday said: “This will not be only a fiscal package, but a reform stimulation, a mindset reevaluate, and a push in governance.”

“Indian market has gained an advantage in its different dimensions. We could confidently participate with the world. We aim at complete transformation & not incremental alterations. #AatmanirbharBharat will incorporate not isolate,” Sitharaman had tweeted.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday addressed the country and declared the Rs 20 lakh crore stimulus package would unveil energy to the market and benefit all parts of the society by the migrant laborers to large companies. He explained the specifics of the box are going to be made public from the finance minister in the forthcoming days.

The prime minister described it as a “unique financial package that will function as an important connection to the’Self-reliant India Campaign (Aatma nirbhar Bharat)”. The aid package amounts to approximately 10 percent of India’s gross domestic product (GDP) that he explained.

“This package provides a fresh impetus to the evolution travel of the nation in 2020 and a fresh leadership into the Self-reliant India campaign. To be able to show the solution of a self-reliant India, Land, Labor, Liquidity, and Legislation has been highlighted in this bundle,” the ministry said on Tuesday.

He said that the bundle is for the nation’s”cottage business, home business, our small business, our MSME, that will be a source of livelihood for millions of individuals, that’s the powerful base of our resolve to get a self-reliant India.”


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