Pant came in if India were tottering in 24/4 and scored a brave 32 while incorporating 47 runs for the fifth wicket with Hardik Pandya before a slog sweep resulted in his dismissal.

The shot selection didn’t depart captain Virat Kohli, and Ravi Shastri amazed because the Indian captain had been seen mouthing a few words in his mentor while glancing at Pant. Yuvraj came into Pant’s defense, stating that the youngster was playing with his fifth ODI, and that reason India lost the game as a result of insufficient preparation for the World Cup.

Founded on the dismissal, Yuvraj explained Pant was inserted into the group on the rear of a respectable IPL, which isn’t the perfect method of getting ready for a championship as large as the World Cup.

Rishabh Pant was playing his fifth game. I understand everybody was pissed off at that chance, but you want to know he was only playing his fifth game.

We didn’t plan well for its 2019 World Cup. When you play with an IPL game for 20 overs, you can enjoy great shots anytime; however, in 50-over games, you can’t crush every ball. When the IPL was a fifty-over championship, and when Pant had the encounter of 3 IPLs in that arrangement, then things could have been different.

Throughout his dialogue, Yuvraj and Pietersen touched upon their famous rivalry, which afterward developed into an excellent friendship. Pietersen had branded Yuvraj a pie-chucker following the former England batsman was ignored by him on a couple of events. Recalling the episode, Yuvraj demonstrated that due to a specific reason, the label was able to stay with him.

“I laughed because, over the years that I couldn’t place it into words. However, when you mentioned it felt yes, that’s precisely what my bowling is,” he explained.

“That is why I place a pie-chucker within my email address. It is my favorite email id. A good deal of my buddies addresses me pie-chucker occasionally. When you know someone hits your bowling, then they do not wish to escape to bowling. I understand you have been like,’I’m going to hit this man from the park however I can not get him out’. This was lots of fun.”


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